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Dedicated to designing and handcrafting Limestone decorator items and keepsake souvenirs for the Limestone Coast, South Australia.

Unique, Authentic, Original.

I love to create. Working with my hands, carving this amazing tactile stone which holds such history, and turning it into beautiful, simplistic creations for todays décor and gift giving is such a delight for me.

The stone is over 15 million years old! Rich in fossil remains of small marine animals and shells. Each piece of stone is different in texture and fossil content. The story each piece holds is unique, look closely and you will see.

I love nature, working with my hands, and tapping into the soulful connection with the earth. I endeavour to honour that in every piece I make; and use genuine leather, raffia, glass to compliment the stone. Handcrafted with soul, creativity and love.

My pieces offer a quality, unique, 'keepsake' souvenir for tourists to the Limestone Coast region in SA ... giving everyone the opportunity to take home their own little piece of the limestone coast (ethically sourced).

My works are also stylish decor items for the home and office. I aim to cater to this market equally as I do to the tourist demographic.

I love a challenge, and seeing where my endless creative ideas unravel.

If you have a special event coming up and would like to have something 'unique' and different as a decorator item on display, or as a corporate gift, please contact me to discuss as I'm happy to oblige in other areas alongside my core business.

My works are available at retailers across the Limestone Coast of South Australia - see retailers list.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it for you!

Warm wishes, Gail Bradley xx   info@souvenirswithsoul.com.au

And, feel free to visit me on facebook and Instagram too ... come say hi!

P.S. I also offer third party products. Items which I personally select to compliment the Souvenirs with Soul brand and style, made from different natural materials.


The limestone used in all my handcrafted pieces is sourced ethically in the Mount Gambier, South Australia region.

Limestone is rich in fossil remains of small marine animals and shells, deposited when the sea covered a large part of the southern Australian landscape more than 15 million years ago. This limestone underlies much of the South East of South Australia. The limestone filters fresh underground water, and ashlars of stone are commonly used in building construction in the region.

I shape and texturise the stone I use to bring out the fossil content and natural beauty of the stone. No two pieces are the same. The stone also varies in density and colour. Irregularities add to the character of the stone.

All pieces are coated in a natural, transparent stone sealer to protect the surface. The vessels aren't suitable for food and liquid due to their porous nature. Clean the limestone with a soft cloth, or gently rub with a water dampened soft cloth if necessary. Please be gentle with the stone, and don't knock it against hard surfaces. Whilst the stone sealer does make the stone watertight, I don't recommend using it to hold food (not foodgrade), or long term holding water in the vases, etc. It is a porous stone and will absorb liquid over time which may cause staining.

Every piece of stone is unique, and has a story to tell. Look closely and you will see tiny fossil fragments and shell embedded in the limestone.